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Is Your Sales Team Slowing Down Your Business? CPQ Can Make the Difference.

Tyco And Cameleon WebinarHow has your business changed in the last five years?

  • Are you selling more products and bundling them in new ways?
  • Are new customers reaching you though new channels – the Internet, independent reps, inside sales, partners?
  • Has your business expanded to include far-off locations in different time zones, where different languages are spoken?
  • Are your customers more savvy and more demanding than ever?

There’s no question that change comes faster than ever. In fact, chances are some of these changes – if not all – are already affecting your business. Any one of these – or even a combination – has the potential to make or break your success over the long term. The evolution can create daunting challenges that threaten to cost you time, money and customers if your sales processes haven’t kept up. So instead of opportunities to grow your business, your sales processes can inhibit your success. Continue Reading »

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Salesforce + CPQ—What Can It Do? Turbocharge You.

Turbocharge your Salesforce CRM with Cameleon CPQIt’s terrific that your company has transformed its sales process by bringing in salesforce.com. It’s an important change that delivers a level of visibility and automation you may not have seen before in sales.

But salesforce.com itself is not always enough to address the remaining bottleneck in sales: Quoting.

Talk to sales people and they’ll tell you how quoting slows down selling:

  • Deals take too long to quote
  • There’s growing complexity in quoting
  • The quote-to-contract process itself is daunting
  • Quoting takes time away from selling.

These are all areas where a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) application makes a huge difference.  Aberdeen nailed it in their research titled “Breaking the Laws of Physics: Shortening the Last Sales Mile through Workflow Automation.” They sum up their findings with this statement:  “Sales teams deploying CPQ solutions create 49% more proposals per rep per month than non-users.”

49% more quotes. I’m sure we’d all like to see that increase in our output.

The Aberdeen study reported that non-CPQ users – compared with CPQ users – were twice as likely to be concerned with insufficient deal size or their competition outselling them. According to the report, “With a typical order of $211k versus $432k for users of the technology, these companies understandably feel the stress of ‘working harder, not smarter’ and can benefit from the economies of scale offered by CPQ deployments.”  This is due in part to CPQ technology contributing to up-sells or cross-sells, ultimately creating more profit for the company and the salespeople.

Join us to find out how a CPQ makes the difference on top of salesforce.com:

  • Faster quotes
  • Automation of complex processes
  • Elimination of manual error-prone spreadsheet quoting
  • Higher win rates and profitability

Jason Kort, leader of the Kansas Salesforce User Group, is hosting a live ‘no-pitch’ webinar Wednesday March 26, 2014, at 12 noon PDT with me, and we’ll answer these questions:

  • What is a CPQ and is it right for me?
  • Where does CPQ fit into my Salesforce CRM stack?
  • How do I choose the right CPQ for my organization?
  • How can CPQ boost the power of salesforce.com?

You may think you know the answer to these questions, and we invite you to join us. We guarantee you’ll learn something new.

Watch the replay now
Turbocharge Your Salesforce CRM with a Configure Price Quote App

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CPQ Speeds Sales: Join Us for a Conversation with Aberdeen

Larger Average Deal Size with CPQAsk any salesperson what slows down their selling cycle, and they’ll respond – hands down – that it’s the quoting process. That’s a sweeping statement that’s backed up with research from Aberdeen’s Peter Ostrow, vice president and group director, customer management, and its sales effectiveness research leader. Continue Reading »

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Hunting for a CPQ? Be sure to bring our CPQ Survival Guide

Download the Complete CPQ Survival GuideIt’s not easy to buy the right CPQ. You need to know where to look, what questions to ask and what technologies to embrace or avoid. It can be a twisted path.  So make sure you download our latest eBook:  “The Complete CPQ Survival Guide”. Continue Reading »

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Don’t let all good things come to an end… including Dreamforce!

df-logoAs always, Dreamforce was unbelievable, filled with insightful sessions, groundbreaking solutions that enhance the power of Salesforce CRM, world-class keynotes, and thousands of attendees eager to learn how to boost their businesses.

We saw many Cameleon enthusiasts at one or more of our sessions and showcases at Dreamforce. If you didn’t get enough of us—here is a recap of the Cameleon highlights at this huge event! Continue Reading »

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PROS and Cameleon Announce Plans to Join Forces – Guest Blog

HP_StickerFor our blog, you’ll see more often than not that we strive to introduce thought leadership topics that help those in our industry with new ways of improving how they work. Today I’m taking the liberty of making an exception to share what we believe is really exciting news for our customers and our company. For all of us here at PROS, we hope you’ll share our enthusiasm. Continue Reading »

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How CPQs Drive Sales Effectiveness

How CPQs Drive Sales EffectivenessIn one of its most recent studies* on CPQ (Configure Price Quote), Aberdeen shared data demonstrating that CPQ users outperform non-users.

Among others, Aberdeen points that 58% of sales reps using CPQs achieve their quota vs. only 46% of non-users.

Furthermore, the average volume of quotes and proposals issued per month jumps from 14 for non-users to 20.9 for users—and more interestingly, the average deal size is more than twice as big when using a CPQ ($211K for non-users vs. $432K for users)! Continue Reading »


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